Saturday, April 7, 2007

The power of vegetables

Acne cleaning – 7 vegetables you must eat

Eating vegetables is a strong way to clean up your acne.
And indeed why should you spend hundreds of dollars on products why you can do it on a natural way, of course you have to pay for the vegetables as well but they don’t cost more then a few dollars and I’m sure you eat already vegetables.
Vegetables contain a lot of vitamins and in the next paragraphs I will describe seven vegetables that help you to clean up your acne plus their health benefits.

Carrots or carrot juice

Give carrot juice a try it’s very healthy and it’s not only good for acne but it can give you a good colour of your skin as well. A carrot contains a lot of vitamins such as a,b,c and k but also minerals and magnesium. You can eat them raw, stewed (excellent with mustard), in a pudding or as a salad.


A Cucumber is an effective way to prevent pimples. I’m sure you have saw this already in movies a woman with a cucumber mask on her face. Cucumbers contains vitamin a and c.
This may surprise you but they belong to the same family as watermelons. Personally I prefer to eat my cucumber cut in circles with pepper, salt, oil and vinegar.


Salad contains almost no calories and contains a high water volume. Salad contains a lot of vitamin A and but even more vitamin K and vitamin c. I like to serve my salads with a dressing of course you can try mayonnaise but also very nice is an Italian dressing or a French dressing.


Popey the sailesmen eat spinach and he becomes strong in a few moment of course this is only a cartoon. But spinach is good to clean up acne it contains a lot of Vitamin K, A and Iron. Spinach is also a good resource to prevent you from cancer, hart disease and arthritis.


Peppers or paprika’s are one of my favourite are one of my favourite vegetables you have them in red, orange, yellow, green ,white and even purple. Did you know that you can find paprika’s in cosmetic aisle such as blush eye shadow. Red and yellow paprika’s contain much more vitamin c than green paprika’s. In fact green paprika’s are immature.


Broccoli is an interesting vegetable to add on the list. Have you read the article written by a CNN journalist in 200: “Broccoli beats most other veggies in health benefits”. Broccoli contains a lot of vitamin c and calcium it’s also a good resource to prevent cataracts.


Garlic is not really a vegetable you should eat if you want to kiss somebody. Garlic is an important ingredient when it comes to herbal medicines. There are even people who are putting a garlic juice on their pimples.

As you can see vegetables are very effective not only for a perfect skin or to clean up your acne but also for other things as well. There are a lot of people who don’t like vegetables but I hope you will try them out.

Baby acne

Baby acne – What can I do about it?

Imagine you have a beautiful newborn baby and instead of seeing a clean skin you’re seeing a baby with a skin full of pimples. Therefore I wrote this article about baby acne. Fist I give you a definition what baby acne is, then five points that causes baby acne
and last but not least tips how to handle your baby’s acne.

What is baby acne?

Baby acne also known as acne neonatorum is a condition that affect 20% of the newborn babies.
You see red pimples on the cheek in most cases but also on the forehead and chin. It can happen that it shows up directly after birth but in most cases you will see the acne appearing within a few weeks after the birth.
In most cases the acne disappears after three months. If not you should inform a doctor about it! Perhaps you have seen tiny bumps on a newborn baby face if they disappear within a few weeks then it’s not acne but milia, milia is unrelated to baby acne.

What causes baby acne?

There are several factors that can cause acne on the skin of the baby.

* As with adolescent acne, the condition can be caused by a skin irritation
* Medicines can causes baby acne as well
* It’s possible that mineral oil or petroleum can cause baby acne
* The hormones of the mother, As the baby gets older, it loses the mother's hormones and so the baby acne goes away.
* Drugs, taken by the baby or by the mother who is pregnant, can cause baby acne as well

Treatments for baby acne?

- It may surprise you but oil and lotions do not help. What can help is cleaning the face of the baby once a day with water or you can use a baby soap.
Don’t scrub the face of your baby, scrubbing can cause skin irritation.

- Use a product with a vinegar solution make sure you buy a product with all natural ingredients.

- Keep in mind that it is not a good idea to put creams or oils on the face of your baby. This solution can work with teenager or adult acne but it will not help with baby acne.

- If you see that your baby still haves acne after a period of three months than it’s time that you talk with your doctor about this problem.

- Just leave it alone, perhaps you think what a great tip, but most of the times baby acne disappears on his own.

You see baby acne isn’t worse at all. I hope with reading this article you have picked up some tips to cure or prevent the acne of your baby.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Eat fruit to cure acne

Eat fruit to prevent acne

Eating fruit is a very effective way to prevent or cure acne. As you may know fruit is not only very nice but also healthy. The best fruit you can eat to prevent acne is fruit with an orange or red skin. I think you now already that a balanced diet is very important when it comes to cure acne. Below you can find seven kinds of fruit that are very effective. And they have more benefits related to health than just preventing acne.


Eat at least two apples a day they are very effective to clean your skin. Be sure that you can eat the skin of the apple because most pectin is in the skin it helps with constipation. If you don’t like apples you can make also a fruit juice from the apples but be sure that you mix the skin also. But even if you have already a perfect skin it’s a good idea to eat a few apples a day it reduces the risk of weight loss, hart diseases and it control cholesterol. Or haven’t you heard about the old proverb: An apple a day keeps the doctor away.


A banana is a kind of a probiotic food – it contains live bacteria - just like onions and artichokes, oats and goat’s milk. Eating probiotic fruit helps you to feed the good bacteria.
In stead of eating you can also take a supplement but I’m sure your prefer to eat a banana.
But don’t eat to much bananas in fact one banana a day is already enough.


Grapefruit a sub-tropical citrus tree is a usefull source for vitamin c. As you may know vitamin c is a very good vitamin when it comes to skin cleaning. You can also find vitamin c in oranges and in lemons. I have tested this out and they are also excellent to prevent acne.


Strawberries have strong anti acne-activity. Strawberry contains
alpha-hydroxy acid it slough of dead skin cells. This way new youthful skin cells are revealed.


Personally cherries are my favourite fruit. Not only are they purifying the bleed but they also contain a lot of vitamins. Vitamin A, a proven vitamin to cure acne and vitamin C. Did you know that cherries are also helpful for a good night sleep.


Papaya native to the tropics of America is an effective ingredient when it comes to skin care.
Eating papayas – which contains enzymes - is a good way to rejuvenating and repairing the skin.


This is the last sort of fruit that I will describe here. The most effective way to cure acne with lemons is not by drinking the juice, it’s very better, but to apply lemon juice on your acne spots.

Now you know seven fruit sorts that are effective to prevent or even cure acne. You don’t have any reason know to not try it out. And even if you don’t have acne it won’t hurt your body.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Acne myths

Acne myths: Don’t believe everything they say about acne.

For several years I struggled with acne it was around the ago of seventeen and twenty However I wished to get more information about acne myths. For example is it really true that you can get acne from eating a bar of chocolate each day? Can I help acne with washing my skin more? Stress causes acne? And I’m sure you find this the funniest one. You can get ride of acne by having sex or masturbating. Bullshit or not? You will find the answers to your question here in these article. 7 Acne myths and the truth about them.

Myth 1: Will I get acne by eating chocolate and fat food?

Eating chocolate and fat foot can make you fat, very fat and it’s not healthy at all. But acne is not caused by eating chocolate, fat food or sugar. Research and studies found out that acne is not primarily linked to these products

Myth 2: Is washing your face a good way to prevent acne?

You need to wash your face at least twice a day for medical reasons. Acne is not caused by poor hygiene. It may surprise you but don’t believe it. In fact washing your face to often can make your acne worse? I would recommend to wash your face twice a day in the morning in the evening, not more. Don’t forget to past dry it and to use a appropriate acne treatment?

Myth 3: Acne is only something for teenagers.

Yes it’s true most people who have or start having acne are in their early teens. But the truth is anyone can get acne. Also your genes plays a roll probably you mother and father or grandparents had acne it’s a change you will get it too. Even babies can get acne.

Myth 4: Does stress causes acne?

This is a common mistake if you have stress there is a chance you will get Acne urticata. Acne urticata is a form of eczema so not really acne in the real meaning of the word. However this myth is true you can get acne or more acne if you have stress. Stress is a part of the modern human life so it’s almost impossible to ban it from your life. Try to get a healthy life, a balanced diet and a good night’s rest. And be careful with drugs to prevent stress they can consider acne as well.

Myth 5: Can sex and masturbation lead to acne?

I think this myth is from the same people who said you can become deaf by having sex or masturbating. If you reach puberty your body experiences hormonal changes. True these changes you can get acne but it’s not related to your sexual activity.

Myth 6: Squeezing out my pimples is a good idea?

Don’t do it, squeezing out the pimple can damage the cells under your skin. The cells under your pimples can be inflamed or even worse leave a permanent scar.

Myth 7: Where can I get acne? Is it only on my face?

The most common place where you can get acne is your face. But you can get acne on any part of the body. On your arms, legs or on your back are also common forms where you can get it.

As you can see not everything they tell you about acne is true. I hope this acne myth article gave you an answer of your most burning questions about it. Of course there is a lot more to know about it, so don’t forget to do your own research

Prevent acne with some easy tips

Let’s go straight to the point. Someone who has acne calls himself ugly. And to be honest I don’t like people with acne. Therefore I give you eight tips how to prevent acne, implant the tips and become acne free within a few days. The facts are not lying during the puberty more than 75% of the people are suffering with acne. It’s time to do something about it. Therefore these acne tips. Don’t read them use them and become acne free.

- Stop smoking

I know this is very hard, but if you want to suffer from acne you really need to quit smoking. A study showed that acne is 62% more prevalent in active smokers than in non-smokers. So quit smoking, I know it’s hard.

- Drink a lot of water.

This is a very effective and easy way to suffer from acne. Drink a lot of water. I would suggest at least three litres a day.

- Take a shower with ice cold water.

Perhaps this is a little painful but don’t wash yourself with warm water, always use cold water.

- Don’t use to much cosmetic products.

A lot of cosmetic products contain fats. If you want to use cosmetic products use water based cosmetic products. And never forget to remove your acne before you go to bed.

- Don’t squeeze your pimples.

Just don’t squeeze your pimples. And if you really want do it. Make sure your hands are very clean and afterwards use a decontamination ointment.

- Clean your face

Of course cleaning your body is always an important thing to do. But when it comes to acne, cleaning your face is the most important thing. Wash your face at least two times a day. As read before don’t use hot water. And make sure to use a soap without colour dyes.

- Stress

Perhaps you haven’t supposed this but stress is directly related with acne. Be sure to not have stress. I give you two tips how to handle stress. Set yourself realistic goals Discuss your stress with someone you can trust. Cheap but effective.

- Go to a doctor.

This is a tips if you have really hard acne. With the help of the doctor you’re allowed to buy much stronger products that works better. For most of these strong products you need a doctor’s regulation.

Natural ways to clean your skin

In fact you don’t have to spend money on products to clean your skin. There are a lot of tips to have beautiful tips, in this article I describe the 5 best tips to do it.

Become smoke free

I’m sure you already know that smoking is very bad for your health it causes lung cancer, hart attacks, oesophagus cancer and a lot of other sicknesses. But smoking is also very bad for your skin. Perhaps you think know what has smoking to do with the condition of my skin. Smoking tends to destroy or better steals the vitamin c in your body. Vitamin C is an unstable vitamin and cannot be manufactured by the body. Here is a quick list of the advantages of this vitamin.

- helps fight infections
- helps regulate cholesterol level.
- vitamin c lowers the risk to develop cataracts
- It recovers cuts and wounds

And you know already that stops smoking will save you a lot of money.

Drink a lot of water

Water is the source of all life but did you know that water is the perfect drink to clean your skin. The best way to do it is to drink an average of ten glasses of water each day. Of course it’s ok when you drink eight glasses or twelve glasses, but keep this as your goal an average of ten glasses of water each day. Your skin will become not only more clean and healthy but also more elasticity. If you drink to less water there is a change that your skin will become leathery.

Wash your skin

Washing your skin is the first thing you should do if you wake up and also one of the last things if you go back to bed. But bear in mind don’t wash your skin more than two times a day. Over-cleaning your skin can dry-out your face. The best way to wash your skin is with an antibacterial facial soap they are not so expensive and you can find them in every pharmacy.

The sun: Not always your friend

I know a lot of people love warm weather and the sun but this star is an enemy when it comes to acne and skin health. If you have acne stay out of the sun, and no a sun screen cream will not protect you enough.

Do not squeeze your pimples

This is my last tips for a clean skin. Do not squeeze your pimples it makes your acne only worse. If you do that you can damage the cells under your skin. The can be inflamed or even worse there is a change that they will leave a permanent scar.

I recommend you to use these tips, and I promise you if you have a clean skin you will have much more success with the opposite sex. Perhaps tip one is difficult but you don’t have any reasons not trying the other tips.